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PRN Cooperatives will help you get the most out of your business. We help free up your time spent on administrative and day to day tasks, letting you get back to what you love about pharmacy.

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Why join PRN Cooperative?


We are a not-for-profit organisation. We are 100% member owned with every member a business partner. Our focus is utilising shared buying power without conceding your independence or autonomy. We support and promote all aspects of an independent pharmacy through improved business opportunities. 


Buying Power

PRN Cooperative is able to provide corporate chain-drug prices without compromising your independence. Pooling our buying power and resources allows you more time to grow your business and less time negotiating with suppliers. The group gives you the leverage that comes from the combined purchasing volume of a large pharmacy group with better discounts.

Networking & Ideas Sharing

Spending time with colleagues and sharing ideas and solutions stimulates performance and energises your business.

Improve Profit Margins

This collective buying power will drive down costs across all aspects of your pharmacy business. Aside from stock, we will negotiate for better margins for marketing, phone, internet, continued education, credit card transactions, office equipment, stationery and more.

Fair Treatment

Just because you are independent or smaller than a corporate store, doesn’t mean the standard of service you receive should be any less. Suppliers wanting to do business with the PRN Cooperative know they must provide members with the highest standards of service; if a member receives sub-standard service, the cooperative will use its collective influence to correct the problem.


Innovative Turn-Key Solutions

The group provides Turn-Key solutions that owners can implement in their store immediately without going through the painful process of developing in-house solutions. Solutions such as heart care, diabetes care, and asthma management are ready for you to implement today.

Quarterly Business Meetings

Packed with programme updates, vendor presentations, networking, and educational opportunities.

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